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Help Google Find You and Your Members

Chambers call it Communications. Hubspot calls it Inbound Marketing. I call it Quantent.

If you sell memberships, market or promote via the web, or want to do more of it, staying up to date on technology and trends is essential. 

I have a new training to help your marketing and communications. The Training will be released on May 23rd and right now it's only $197. Or you could get it for free. What, what? 

It's free when you join my new service called QuantentWhat is it? It's quality quadrant-based content. It's about letting Google know you're here to help, and Google will lead people to your site so they can sample your value. 

I've spent the last 3 years building this program and I'm ready to accept the first 50 chambers into it.

Quantent is a content sharing and delivery service for chambers and economic development organizations. Quantent subscriber-organizations are authorized to publish, edit, customize, distribute and share articles. 

>>Click the link here to get your exclusive webinar offer here.<<

The incentive to move fast is huge. Quantent is 75% off for the first 50 organizations to join. 

Don't kick yourself later for not taking me up on this special offer when you really had nothing to lose.

Questions? Click [email protected] or call 888-899-8374.


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