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Solving Common Business Problems

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Networking is NOT working as a member benefit. It hasn't for years. Businesses don't have $300 just sitting in an account labeled "membership" waiting for you to swing by and get it. Businesses don't have a membership problem or a networking problem.

They have competition problems. They have revenue problems. They have talent and workforce problems. They have building permit problems. They have engineering problems. They have SEO problems. They have vendor relationship problems. They have Yelp problems.

"Oh but we're a chamber of commerce and we can't fix any of those things," you say?

Respectfully, I disagree. If your chamber has had that conversation about relevance that's going around, I think we found the problem. Can you and I talk?

Hey I'm Kyle Sexton and I'd like to talk about solving common business problems. Different businesses have different problems and if you have 500 members maybe you'll come up with about 1500 different problems... or will you? Have you asked?

In my work with hundreds of chambers of commerce over the last decade I can tell you with certainty, 98% of you aren't asking. And when I drill down to the issue and talk with people just like you about why you're not asking members what their real problems are, people just like you are telling me that they are not prepared to solve any of these problems.

If you were on my webinar in January, we talked about mindset. So let's get back to a healthy mindset and deal in facts and not myths for this topic.

Myth: 500 members will have 1500 different problems.
Fact: Whether you have 500 members or 3,000 members, I can boil it down to about a dozen different problems.

Myth: We can't solve these problems.
Fact: Our members don't need us to solve their problems.

Myth: You're not qualified to even talk about the problem.
Fact: No one is more qualified to talk about the problem than a chamber of commerce. You just need to choose yourself and say, "I don't know if I can help, but I am going to try."

Our members want to connect with other businesses who have the same problems. They want your organization to be the place where the conversation about these problems never dies. This is called business advocacy.

Public policy and governmental affairs are also business advocacy, but not exclusively. I'm working with a community in Vermont right now where we are building out our media capacity because storytelling in this community is business advocacy. It's advocating for what businesses need. In this case, they need to be business famous.

I want to invite you to my free workshop called Solving Common Business Problems.

In this workshop, we're going to discuss, number one, the Dozen Daily Dilemmas. In my work across the country I ask businesses, "What are your top business pains?" These are their answers.

Number two, I will share with you how you can internally organize these pain points for different types of businesses. My Map to Remembership focuses on four different business profiles. We will use this strategic visual framework to sort the Dozen Daily Dillemas so you can be efficient about addressing them in your community.

And number three, we'll discuss where to talk about these pain points... whether it's at your events or programs or newsletters or on your blog.


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